From Ukraine to The Lone Star State!

Staff Augmentation & Custom Software Development Services

Now when the demand for quality IT and software engineering talent has spiked all over Texas and the average time to hire a software developer exceeds 50 days, how do you tackle the issue of finding senior tech talent locally to bring your innovative ideas to life?

2.4M Tech Jobs
will remain unfilled in the USA by 2020
8 Years
to match the open tech job roles missing today
tech specialists are in deficit in Austin right now
We invite you to take advantage of our staff augmentation and custom software development capabilities.
Whether you're looking to future-proof your business idea with an MVP, build a full-fledged digital product from scratch, replace your legacy code or improve your software delivery to end users – we have the People, Resources, and unparalleled Expertise to get you covered!
Complete Your Software Development Mission With Our NASA-Level Software Engineers!

Our Value Proposition:
Extend your in-house IT department offshore to Ukraine!
Augment your software development workforce!
Launch your own software team for long-term project development without any HR, recruitment, IT, and admin hassle!
Retain 100% project management and delivery control!
Outsource the development of your software project with a limited budget and a well thought-out specification to our Offshore Development Center and let us deliver a completely market-ready solution on time and on budget!
Fixed price and T&M engagement!
Why Ukraine?
Talent pool size exceeds 185,000 IT specialists
IT exports industry volume exceeds $4 billion
USA is the #1 buyer of Ukrainian IT outsourcing services
The total monthly cost of a dedicated software engineer in Ukraine is 3-4x lower than in the USA, while the quality is the same! Compare here!
20% of the world's leading tech companies have offices/teams/R&D Centers in Ukraine: Google, HP, Microsoft, Samsung.
Ukraine ranks 24th globally as the best country for software development.
What's In It For You To Work With 8allocate?
Regardless of a business model you choose to engage with us, we guarantee the following:
Clean Code: Fully Readable & Maintainable
If you change your team structure and replace your offshore/remote developers with better qualified resources, we guarantee any new team member can start working with the code we deliver right away, without wasting their time and your money "interpreting" the code and figuring the kludges used by previous programmers.
Meticulous approach

We scrutinize each specification/client requirement and if we find any weaknesses or bottlenecks, we offer a better solution or find a workaround to help you optimize your budget and decrease the overall spending. Our size allows us to treat all clients equally, without any prioritization (which is a usual case when you cooperate with larger providers).
Account-based recruitment

We provide HR as a service and when it comes to sourcing candidates for your project, the sky's the limit for us. We always look beyond the national borders to make sure you get the best resources fast and seamlessly. We make sure each specialist integrates with your corporate culture no matter where they come from. We boast 80% hiring success rate on client teams !
Best-vetted and highly qualified tech talent
We have access to the pool of 180,000+ IT specialists in Ukraine as well as invitation-only/closed developer communities scattered around Eastern Europe.

Besides, we have an unparalleled employee screening methodology. Both of these factors allow us to supply the best-vetted talent which means a short learning curve, fast on-boarding, and faster time to market your product.
Team performance monitoring & troubleshooting
We'll guide you all the way along your custom software development journey!

Once we partner up, we'll assign a dedicated recruiter who'll act as your account manager and will help you monitor team performance on a regular basis, identify issues and bottlenecks and take corrective and preventive measures to improve productivity and enhance team spirit. This results in low attrition (less than 10%) and better motivated staff to ensure successful project execution.
Fractional Resource Allocation
Don't waste your software development dollars for wasted hours. If you only need a dev resource for 2 days of the week, we'll provide one and you'll only pay for those 2 days.

Our Lean Custom Software Development approach mainly consist of a mix of full-time and part-time, onsite and offsite talents based on your requirements. This ensures a fast start, usually within a couple of days, and it avoids the headache of short-term contractors and long-term hiring.
Our American clients love us!
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We have very attractive rates for Texas companies!
Send us your RFP/RFQ/RFI and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!
Our CEO will be in Texas in September and October 2019.

Would you like to meet him in person to learn more about 8allocate and how we can assist with your short- and long-term tech talent/custom software dev needs?

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