With tech talent shortage being the main obstacle to corporate digital transformation in 2019 and beyond, how will you make sure your technology product has a short time to market and offers an unparalleled UX?

We have available best-vetted talent ready to join your custom software development project right away!

They've already worked together as a team, know each other and get along well, and will be happy to assist with your project, make suggestions as to what can be improved and automated, optimize your project budget, and help you take your software dev to the next maturity level.

Whether you need a dedicated development team that works like a well-oiled machine or need to hire dedicated software developers ad-hoc, we'll be pleased to help you staff your project team fast and cost-effectively!
This Talent is available for your project right now!
Explore Our Engagement Models
Extended/Augmented Dedicated Development Team
Let us build a highly efficient Dedicated Software Team in our Offshore Development Center in Kyiv, Ukraine, to work exclusively on your project development. You retain 100% of project management control, while we provide full-cycle recruitment, team setup, infrastructure, tools, etc for your successful project development.
You can start as small as a 1-person team and scale depending on your current needs and challenges.

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Managed Project
(Fixed Price/T&M)
Give us your product concept and we'll build and deliver a market-ready solution or an MVP on time and on budget. You focus on your core technology development, while we take care of your non mission critical tasks, back-end, integrations, etc.

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What's in it for You?
Immediate hiring and quick start
You can have your project team fully onboarded and up and running within just a couple of weeks!
Cost saving (up to 50%)
In Ukraine, the total cost of running a dedicated team is 2-3x lower than in the EU and North America!
Account-based recruitment
You'll be assigned a dedicated recruitment consultant who'll act like your account manager and help you scale your team up and down depending on the current market situation and your project needs. They'll also help find the best vetted talent to fill your positions, as they know how to pitch projects to Ukrainian software engineers and PMs the right way!
Up to 70% team productivity increase
This is achieved thanks to a very low attrition rate (less than 10%), a comprehensive project discovery session, high quality of talent we provide (a very short learning curve, niche specific expertise), and our tribal knowledge and process automation.
Seamless engagement
There's no IT, HR, taxes or administrative hassle for you!
Check out what our clients say about working with us!
You'll be in good company including MyHeritage, SolarGaps, Wobi, Digitaika, OBDS, etc.!
Would you like to discuss your software project staffing strategy and/or hire the available talent?

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Vladimir Potapenko

E-mail: vp@8allocate.com
Tel: +1 415 508 77 06, +38 044 353 4902

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